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Tai Chi Tulsa

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Ever been curious about Tai Chi and what it's all about?

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Tired of achy joints and limited range of motion?

Sitting or standing for long periods of time can create stagnation in the body leading to aches, pains, and disease.

Improving your mobility can help reduce joint pain, increase range of motion, flexibility, and reduce the risk of injury when working out or doing physical activities. Tai Chi & Qi Gong exercises can help improve your mobility.

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Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Stress and anxiety keeps mounting, and so does the tension in your neck.

  • You feel exhausted and drained of energy.

  • Sitting at work takes up the majority of your day, and you feel the need to do something about it.

  • Nagging joint issues make simple activities like walking around a chore.

  • Typical forms of exercise don’t really work for you. They’re too demanding or painful, and they tire you out just thinking about them.

  • -Friends and family keep telling you that you need to focus on your health, but life is just too hectic at the moment.

Feel the stress and

tension melt away

with every class....

Health Benefits Galore

For thousands of years, people have been invigorated and healed by the simple practice of Tai Chi.

There are so many health benefits Tai Chi has to offer. See for yourself some of the more notable ones…

  • Improves mood and leads to lower levels of depression.

  • Soothes stress, eases anxiety, and prohibits unnecessary worries.

  • Reduces inflammation and eases achy joints and muscles.

  • Increases energy levels and stamina.

  • Greater aerobic capacity and muscle strength.

  • Lowers blood pressure and improves heart health.

  • Enhances flexibility, balance, and agility.

Almost sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well it isn’t. And that’s the wonderful power of Tai Chi classes.

Low-Impact Training Allows Almost Anyone to Pick up Tai Chi and Fall in Love


After a long, hard day’s work, most people are too exhausted to hit the gym or go for a run. Furthermore, those sorts of intense workouts can be a nightmare for older folks or those with bone or joint issues.


Tai Chi is considered a low-impact form of training that’s appropriate for almost anyone. Individuals who are obese, pregnant, or just plain out-of-shape can immediately pick up Tai Chi and experience its benefits.


Even people who would consider themselves above average in terms of fitness level have plenty to gain from this low-impact style of training.


Tai Chi is the only low-impact exercise that has a proven history for reversing the aging process. Not even yoga can compare.

Incredible Results


Mary Taylor

Coming to class even when life is full of stressful circumstances is a great way to focus on yourself, when it is most needed! I've been able to de-stress through the focus of the class. Also, with the low impact of the class, it is great for helping with my back issues. Regardless of your abilities there is a level you can participant in to help yourself improve! Tia Chi is a GREAT way for self-improvement in so many areas!


Jake Snow

The instructors are amazing! Tai Chi has helped me to improve my health and wellness, and increase my range of motion and flexibility. Practicing regularly has helped me maintain higher energy levels and gain more clarity and mental focus.


Kathy Wilder

I can't say enough nice things about this place and their people and their lessons! This is so much fun I wish I had started about 20 years ago! Great atmosphere, invaluable instruction, genuinely nice people and a great place to learn Tai Chi. Do something good for yourself and join this group!



Our Tai Chi Classes can help reduce inflammation, soothe stress, and lower blood pressure!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the health benefits of Tai Chi?


We’ve already covered most of the health benefits above, but here they are again compiled for you.


Regular practice nourishes and rejuvenates the mind, body, and soul. In a physical sense, Tai Chi strengthens the lower body and improves balance. It promotes good posture and improves joint flexibility, making it easier to stand and move around.


The flowing movements of Tai Chi and the shifting of weight improves blood flow throughout the body, which means a healthier heart.


As you learn to relax physically through the Tai Chi practice, you also relax your mind, easing the stress of work, relationships, family, and life. Coping with stress is a major benefit that attracts most people to the ancient art of Tai Chi.


Who can learn Tai Chi?


Students of all ages, shapes, sizes, and abilities have participated in and enjoyed our classes. Tai Chi is considered a low-impact form of exercise, meaning it is very mild and soothing to practice.


The basic and essential movements of Tai Chi are taught and practiced in slow motion. We provide real-time instruction and body adjustments so that you can feel the movements how they are meant to be felt.


Almost anyone can come in and learn the Tai Chi practice with optimism and desire.


How long does it take to learn the Tai Chi movements?


Typically, it takes anywhere from 20 to 30 hours of class to learn and memorize all the basic movements. This depends greatly on the schedule of your teaching location. The benefits of Tai Chi, however, are felt immediately. As you begin to practice the flowing movements of Tai Chi, your body will start the healing process, and you will experience many of the benefits listed above.


Long after you master the beginner movements, your Tai Chi practice will continue to evolve with you. You may continue to study at deeper and deeper levels, further increasing its benefits, and embodying the Tai Chi principles for life.

What if I have health problems or physical ailments?


Tai Chi, when properly instructed and practiced, can be safely and effectively performed by anyone capable of standing and walking around. The Tai Chi movements can and should be followed at your individual aptitude and always adjusted to your current level of health.


It may be comforting to know that plenty of scientific research has shown that Tai Chi has proven beneficial to those suffering from most chronic illnesses, including heart disease, arthritis, and diabetes. Here is a link to just one of the many studies done on Tai Chi.


If you have any physical ailment or disability it is important to consult a medical professional before beginning your Tai Chi practice.


I’m thinking about buying a Tai Chi video or book, will it be able to help?


I’ve personally purchased a Tai Chi for beginners video some years ago. While it was very informative and instructional, there is really nothing that can replace learning Tai Chi in person from an experienced instructor.


Videos and books also lack the community feeling that Tai Chi classes have to offer, which is a significant motivating factor to actually getting up and practicing.


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