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Join Our Zen Community

  •  Instant access to our online training library includes video training modules with step by step instruction. 
  • Low impact training great for beginners and advanced athletes.
  • No Gym Needed

精 Training Program Includes:

Your Energy: 

Qi Gong  ( Energy Work) Training Protocols to help boost energy and prepare the body from the inside out. 

神 Mindset

You are not alone in your journey to transformation get access to our VIP private Facebook support group with more members just like you. 

Weekly training tips, motivation and much more...

Look Forward To:


Meeting Your 


We  want to inspire you to improve your health & wellness in all areas of your life mind, energy, body. 

Our health and wellness is a by product of our daily choices & routine, "How we think, how we move, and how we eat " are the three keys to longevity. We want to teach you how to apply them so that you can enjoy a healthy, happy lifestyle!

Tai Chi 1.jpg

Joining Our 

VIP Community

Our VIP Closed group is included in your Membership, this allows you to be around other motivated and can help inspire you to stay on top of your goals. We are a sum of who we surround ourselves 


Training From Anywhere! 

Gain access to our ongoing library of resources and trainings designed specifically with your success in mind! The modules are laid out in a way that make it simple for you to learn, progress and grow quickly.


Mary Taylor

Coming to class even when life is full of stressful circumstances is a great way to focus on yourself, when it is most needed! I've been able to de-stress through the focus of the class. Also, with the low impact of the class, it is great for helping with my back issues. Regardless of your abilities there is a level you can participant in to help yourself improve! Tia Chi is a GREAT way for self-improvement in so many areas!


Jake Snow

The instructors are amazing! Tai Chi has helped me to improve my health and wellness, and increase my range of motion and flexibility. Practicing regularly has helped me maintain higher energy levels and gain more clarity and mental focus.


Kathy Wilder

I can't say enough nice things about this place and their people and their lessons! This is so much fun I wish I had started about 20 years ago! Great atmosphere, invaluable instruction, genuinely nice people and a great place to learn Tai Chi. Do something good for yourself and join this group!

Benefits of learning Tai Chi & Qi Gong ( Energy Work):

Improve Discipline,Focus

& Flexibility

Reduce Stress



Build Strength


Lean Muscle

Create Emotional

Stability &


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